Accused of trying to get lawyer to pay royalties to Alan Dean’s guardians


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Of course, Denny has a good reputation as a copyright maximalist. He has been accused of being a leading company, always pushing for more horrific copyright laws. And then, of course, there is the knowledge Mickey Mouse Curve, Originally named by Tom Bell a decade ago, copyright extensions seemed to happen all the time Only Mickey Mouse is ready to enter the public domain (although we hope that will end)

True or not, Disney is like a copyright law, in which the company and its litigants always claim a bullshit for the “artist.”

Unless Denny seems to be paying artists. The list is a bit confusing, but yesterday it was published by SFWA and Alan Dean Foster. Disney was no longer paying royalties He is best known for his work on various Star Wars books. ……………. He was born in 1976 in the United States (Including the renovation of the very first film of 1976), ideas for guest films (novels). He says he always accepts royalties, but they suddenly disappear.

Foster wrote a letter (humorously to Mickey) describing the side of the argument, and Dennis stopped paying royalties because he had offered so many other companies and rights.

Some of the books I wrote were acquired by Lucasfield. STAR WARS is the first film to be created. The Mind of the Eyes, the first sequel to the novel. I owe a royal debt to these books. They stopped paying them.

When I bought Fox in the 20th century, other books that I finally wrote were granted. ALIEN, ALIENS, and ALIEN have never paid royalty on any of these, or even issued royalties for them.

All of these books are still very much in print. They still make money. just for you. When one company buys another, it gets its debts and assets. You are, in fact, benefiting from the property. I really like (although not a small part) my share of my bike.

They want me to sign the NDN (Disclosure Agreement) before you speak. In my 50 years of work, I have signed many NDAs. No one asked me to sign before the negotiations. After you sign up, you can no longer talk about what you have in your hands for obvious reasons. In this regard, each of my agents echoes my confusion, having experienced many, many decades of experience in such a business.

You will continue to ignore requests from my agents. From American Science Fiction and Fiction Writers from SFWA, you will continue to ignore questions. They continue to ignore my legal representatives. I know this is often the case with garrison corporations. Ignore questions and questions in the hope that the questioner will go easily. Or he may die. But I’m still here, and I still have a right to your credit. Not to be outdone, just because I’m the only writer. How many other writers and artists abroad have ignored them in the same way?

Foster and SFA in a video press release. (Stating that there was no lawyer at the time of the call) Denini says for these jobs, “I did not buy his rights, but his obligations.” This is strange. So I wished there was a lawyer on the call. Because that doesn’t make much sense.

According to SFWA notes, if it is possible to purchase rights without obligations, any company can make a false sale without obligations and never pay any royalties.

Of course, the details here are important, and we only have one side (and not their lawyers). There may be something very strange in these terms (and this is, in essence, a contract dispute, not a copyright). But the basic facts of the matter seem disgusting to Disney. If you have royalties, you will pay royalties. Considering how aggressive Dennis is with his own copyright, the lawyers think they understand that.

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