A Buffalo gang member has been sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for conspiracy and other charges


Buffalo, New York (WKBW) – A member of the Buffalo faction in the United States has been sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for conspiracy and other crimes, according to the New York State Prosecutor’s Office.

The Office of the Attorney General also ruled that a buffalo woman convicted of perjury in the Federal High Court should be sentenced to 48 months in prison.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorneys Citi T. Molisani and Paul C. Parsi, 24-year-old Mickey Jones, Cassin Long Long and Brothers for Gang, drove two accomplices in August 2015 on a Dodge Street buffalo. He opened fire on a member of the victim, J, who was involved in an exchange of gunfire Laurel Watkins.

Later that month, Jones visited Gossi and Krosman streets in Buffalo, where he was shot dead by two rival activists, VCK K.

Linn In September 2015, Jones drove a vehicle with three defendants and one of the defendants got out of the vehicle.

According to investigators, the victim L sought refuge in a shop, and the co-defendant opened the store door and began firing at the store, where the victim was shot in the arm.

Investigators reported that about 20 minutes later, Jones was driving the vehicle in Buffalo near Geneva and Crossman streets, and another defendant in the car struck the victim, Salfi Ken, in an exchange of gunfire.

Linn April 2016 Jones appeared on video on Snapchat and showed three guns, then In June 2016, Jones was in a car parked by the Buffalo Police Department and a Beretta semi-automatic rifle with a bullet.

Linn In December 2016, Jones appeared in Skyzone, Czechoslovakia, where rival gangs fired on CBL / BFL gang members. Jones and others retaliated when John exchanged gunfire with a victim in a car called Buffalo to Grove. L, a rival gang member.

Since then. June 2017 Jones had packaged marijuana for distribution.

According to investigators, Shana Smith, 25, took the oath of office in July 2018. On January 1, 2017, the Federal High Court lied about the murder of Xavier Wimes and her nephew, Dalvon Kerry. CBL / BLF gang, in that murder.

Smith testified that she was with Curry on the night he was killed outside of Tone Gardes’ apartments in Buffalo, where the team’s headquarters are located.

When Smith was shot, he said there were about 20 men in the Wemes area, “Zav was fighting them, but I didn’t – then I heard gunshots, but I didn’t see who killed him. I only heard gunshots. ”

When police officers arrived, she denied seeing a man throwing a gun on the grass near the sidewalk.

Smith said, “Dal picked it up. I mean, maybe he was trying to pick it up, but when he saw the police, he threw it into the bush.

Linn February 2020 Federal Judge Dalvon Carrie found guilty, Murder of Zavier Wims in support of covert crime.

Kary is awaiting trial.

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